Landscape Designs and Ideas Portfolio

With the proper landscape designs and ideas using water-wise landscaping we can transform the atmosphere of your entire residence.  As a designer, I take the time to get acquainted with any property that I am working on. This helps me to develop and draft my garden designs based on direct input from my clients.  Working with you, I’ll find a way to renovate your outdoor space in a way that works harmoniously with both your tastes and our region’s climate.

I am continuously updating my portfolio with photos from my latest water-wise landscape projects from around San Diego County.  Please browse through my project files below to see a sampling of water wise landscape designs from my recently finished landscapes.  Then call Botaniscapes by Tracey today!

Rain water catchment in El Cajon

This project involved creating new walkways, a dry creek bed to be filled with rain water, bird and butterfly plants, a new sitting area, a raised bed and screening with plants that will grow in.

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After the turf!  New water wise yard for El Cajon Homeowers

In this arid part of San Diego County, these homeowners are welcoming a new idea of a California front yard. Their previous lawn has been removed and improved with colorful water-wise perennials and succulents. There is a newly established planting bed with mulch nearer to the house and the other areas on either side of the driveway have been updated with a gold decomposed granite ground cover. Additionally, a new Palo Verde 'Desert Museum' tree has been added to complement the landscape.

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Lawn removed for dry creek bed

Installed just three months ago, this new front yard is changed by taking out the lawn and putting in a dry creek bed focal point. Succulents and flowering perennials are being drip irrigated.

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Bonita, CA

This turf removal project has just been updated with a gravel pathway through the front yard and along the edges of the driveway. Water-wise plant material has been used to replace long time existing shrubs to convert the front yard to drought tolerant plant material and pending water feature.

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Landscape design solutions for growing under Eucalyptus

After many failed attempts of trying to grow lawn under these giant Eucalyptus, the homeowners opted for a new solution of paths, Eucalyptus tolerant plants, gravel and a new sitting area.

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Chula Vista residence wins 2014 California Friendly Landscape Award!

Lawn replaced by water wise perennials

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Landscape design solutions for limited mobility

Favorable outdoor access, safe surfaces, easy to attend raised beds and an artificial turf putting green keep this well organized space enjoyable and improving everyday living for seniors.

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El Cajon residence

New backyard kitchen, fireplace, grape arbor, pathways water feature in new lawn

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Alpine makeover

California natives and water-wise perennials replace hedges and lawn

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