landscape designer

Tracey Grillo is a landscape designer in the San Diego County area.   Her goal is to help her clients with their landscape design by listening closely to them and identifying what their needs are.  She enjoys finding creative ways to add function, viability and an artistic plant expression to gardens.

Her design approach is practical and focuses on finding cost effective, drought tolerant ways to create beautiful outdoor rooms and spaces. Tracey’s overall goal is to bring a sense of beauty into her client’s yards, whether it’s for a completely new space, or an existing yard that needs some updating.

Tracey is familiar with the available turf removal programs and helping her clients use them to turn their front yards into what should be ‘The New Normal’ in California Landscape.

Tracey is known primarily for her knowledge of water-wise plant material and using it in creative ways to update water thirsty spaces creatively .  Let Tracey bring her discerning eye to your project to plan, design and personally oversee it through every phase, until it is ready for you to live with and enjoy.